Dumb Questions Reporters Ask

Jerrie Mock with her Tri-Pacer airplane — family image collection, reproduced by PhoenixGraphix
I always knew Grandma as a pilot, but more so as Grandma. This photo, of her with her Luscombe plane that she called “Tweety Bird” was just part of the understanding of who Grandma was. (family collection, reproduced by PhoenixGraphix)
Grandma and me at the Tallahassee Airport where she was being inducted into the Wall of Fame.
With some fellow female pilots as they readied for take-off for an event where Grandma would be speaking. (2006)
With missionary pilot, Joy Carrera, in Pucallpa, Peru, 2017. When I met Joy the year earlier, she told me that Grandma had been one of her pilot heroes growing up.
Singing to “Grandma” in the show I wrote, directed, and performed in: “The Flying Housewife, a True Story” (2016, Chicago) — Photo by Tyler Core, Jerrie Mock depicted by actor Suzy Brack
Performing “Arrabella’s Treasure” while on tour in Sydney, Australia, 2011.



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Rita Pike

Rita Pike

Full-time freelance writer. Granddaughter of aviatrix Jerrie Mock. Lover of travel, tea, cats, books, fiction, faith, and pop-culture. Writing on these things.